Caribbean-Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Community (C5)


Corporation Number: 1043523-6 | Business Number: 790271282RC0001

Formed in 2017, Caribbean-Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Community (C5) is a virtual, membership-based, volunteer-run not-for-profit corporation operating in Canada.

Eligibility: Professionals and community members who self-identify as ‘Caribbean-Canadian’.

Mandate: To advance the economic and social well-being of the Caribbean-Canadian community.

Mission: To connect, enable and engage Caribbean-Canadian professionals in innovative success-strategies.  

Vision: A thriving Caribbean-Canadian community.

board of directors

 Camille Kerr, Founder & President –

Camille was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Camille’s parents, Trinidadian immigrants, habitually taught her to honour and identify with their Trinidadian culture and family history. The traditional Caribbean values of family, identity, compassion and determination resonate with Camille and have become driving forces that navigate her daily life. These values are also key areas that both Camille and her husband, as conscientious parents, consistently instill in their five young children. Becoming a mother heightened Camille’s understanding that identity, belonging, reliance, responsibility and philanthropy are fundamental characteristics in a successful community. These characteristics became the underlying values when she formed Caribbean Women’s Society, and subsequently, the Chamber. Camille is a University of Toronto graduate with a BA Hon. in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science.

Melissa Ramlochan, Secretary –

Melissa was born in Toronto, Canada and raised as a true Trinidadian. Her parents instilled strong Trinidadian culture and Hindu heritage; believing that their daughters benefit from both the privilege of being, both, Canadian-born and belonging to the rich cultural identity of Trinidad. What appeals to Melissa about the Caribbean is the sense of inclusion and community from interacting with individuals that share a common cultural identity. Melissa accepted the Board position to help preserve the roots and traditions of the Caribbean in the face of diaspora dilution and create a platform for the next generation of Caribbean-Canadians. Melissa is the Communications Coordinator for an annual Run and the Operations Manager for one of Toronto Caribbean Carnival’s original masquerade bands. Melissa has found success in the Mortgage Financing field for over 10 years.

John Laban, Treasurer –

John was born and raised in Arima, Trinidad.​​ He was a primary school teacher in Trinidad for four years, before migrating to Canada, in 1972; where he eventually graduated from York University with a degree in Economics. Currently retired and a proud grandfather to twelve children, John continues to seek out ways to uplift his Caribbean community in Canada. As such, John joined the Caribbean-Canadian Chamber of Commerce & Community because he believes in its mandate and is confident that Caribbean descendants are best positioned to do the work required to transform the community. John has worked in the financial industry for many years; and has volunteered with organizations such as ‘Scarborough Black Education’, ‘Coping in tough times’, and ‘Lions’ of Pickering, Ontario.

Oliver Levy, Director At-Large –

Oliver is a father of 3; originally from Jamaica, raised on a farm in St. Mary. He loves the creative mindset that Caribbean people possess. Oliver accepted the Board position to get actively involved in the Caribbean-Canadian community. Oliver has achieved diplomas in graphic design, advertising design and web design; ten years experience as senior staff in a day camp; as well as, basketball and soccer coach experience.

Mark Kerr, Director At-Large –

Descending from Jamaica, Mark was born in Toronto, Ontario. His parents made the journey to Canada in the 1970’s in the hopes of improving the quality of life for their family. Mark has a love for Caribbean music, cuisine, and tropical climate. Mark’s main motivator as a Board Member is to be a role model for his five children, along with the up and coming generation of young Caribbean-Canadian professionals. Mark feels that it is important to provide our youth with the confidence and support necessary; to take on leadership roles in their professional lives. Mark, a Ryerson University graduate with a degree in Business Management, is currently an IT Director with over 15 years of experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry.

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