Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS)


Corporation Number: 961495-8 | Business Number: 785383894RC0001

Formed in 2015, Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS) is a virtual, membership-based, volunteer-run, not-for-profit corporation operating in Canada.

Eligibility: Women who self-identify as ‘Caribbean-Canadian’, currently residing within Canada.

Among its many accomplishments and contributions, in 2018, supported by its partner-organizations and the community at-large, CWS proclaimed October of each year as Caribbean Heritage Month in Canada. 

Mandate: To improve quality of life for the Caribbean-Canadian community by tackling the barriers through innovative initiatives.

Mission: To connect and enable Caribbean-Canadian women.

Vision: A thriving Caribbean-Canadian community.

New members always welcome!

Board of directors

Camille Kerr, Founder & President

Camille was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Camille’s parents, Trinidadian immigrants, habitually taught her to honour and identify with their Trinidadian culture and family history. The traditional Caribbean values of family, identity, compassion and determination resonate with Camille and have become driving forces that navigate her daily life. These values are also key areas that both Camille and her husband, as conscientious parents, consistently instill in their five young children. Becoming a mother heightened Camille’s understanding that identity, belonging, reliance, responsibility and philanthropy are fundamental characteristics in a successful community. These characteristics became the underlying values when she formed Caribbean Women’s Society, and subsequently, the Chamber. Camille is a University of Toronto graduate with a BA Hon. in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science.

Beverley Bradshaw, Events & Initiatives

Representing the beautiful island of St. Lucia, Beverley takes pride in all aspects of her Caribbean culture including cuisine, music, traditions and strong family connections.

Beverley accepted the Director role to meet new people, share her wealth of experience and ideas; and most importantly, to work with like-minded women for a great cause. Beverley possesses a strong work ethic and chooses to take an active role in helping to broaden awareness and further the mandate of the organization.

Carla Walch, Outreach & Promotion

Carla believes in treating others how you want to be treated and lending a helping hand wherever possible. She chose to accept the role as Director to connect with her community and partner with others to help build the Caribbean-Canadian community. Born in Jamaica and immigrating to Canada as a child, Carla is strongly influenced by Caribbean culture and spirituality. Carla is fascinated, intrigued and pursues to learn more about the Caribbean region’s multi-layered diversity. Carla has a background in community building, counseling as volunteer crisis worker and law enforcement/security and investigations.

Chelsea Goberdhan, Director At-Large

Representing the Caribbean territory, Guyana.