Bill 134, Caribbean Heritage Month Act, 2019, passes first reading

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Bill 134, Caribbean Heritage Month Act, 2019 passes first reading

October 30, 2019 

Continued history-in-the-making for the Caribbean-Canadian community.

History was made on Monday, October 28, 2019, when, member of provincial Parliament (MPP), Michael Coteau’s introduction of Bill 134, Caribbean Heritage Month Act, 2019, passed its first reading in the House proceedings of Ontario’s 42nd Parliament, 1st Session.  Several community members and organizations were in attendance to witness the historic occasion.

Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS) first proclaimed Caribbean Heritage Month in October 2018.  Now, with the assistance of MPP Michael Coteau, officially entitled Caribbean Heritage Month Act 2019, Bill 134 will need to pass a total of three readings to become law and mark the provincial recognition of October as Caribbean Heritage Month across Ontario.

The support and approval from the Caribbean-Canadian community and dedicated, volunteer-based, community organizations, continues to outpour as they engage the public on social media and lobby their local MPPs.

I’m honoured to have witnessed such a monumental accomplishment for our Caribbean-Canadian community and we thank MPP Michael Coteau for his ongoing support.  There’s more work to do and our remarkable community members and organizations will continue to partner, advocate, grow public support and lobby our local MPPs until Bill 134, Caribbean Heritage Month Act, 2019, ultimately, comes into force,” asserted Camille Kerr, Founder & President of Caribbean Women’s Society. 


  • Caribbean Women’s Society proclaimed October as Caribbean Heritage Month in 2018; an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about Caribbean-Canadians and the important and inspirational role that they have played and continue to play in communities across Ontario.
  • Caribbean Heritage Month brings together several community organizations, volunteers and participants, on an annual basis, to plan and host cultural events for the general public.
  • Canada is home to a large and vibrant Caribbean-Canadian community; a diverse group representing forty-two Caribbean nations, regions and territories; a uniquely, wide range of ancestries, such as Amerindian, African, South American, Asian, and European; and a multitude of languages including the six official languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Creole and Papiamento.
  • October signifies an important time in history for Caribbean-Canadians; with the improvements made to the Immigration Act, October 1967, and the introduction of the Multiculturalism Policy, October 1971, came a historically significant increase in Caribbean immigration. 


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