Making History

Thanks CWS, CCPU, & C5 Members & Directors, Dwayne Morgan (NDP rep), Marjorie-Ann Knight (NDP rep) & community members who took part in making history with the FIRST-EVER Caribbean Heritage flag-raising ceremony for the FIRST-EVER Caribbean Heritage Month in Ontario, Canada.

Images: Top – Camille Kerr (Founder & President of Caribbean Women’s Society); Middle – Marjorie-Ann Knight (NDP rep); Bottom – Dwayne Morgan (NDP rep); Group – Board representatives of CWS, CCPU, and C5 (left to right): Jacqueline Steele, Oliver Levy, Genna Laban, Danielle Davis, Mark Kerr, Camille Kerr, John Laban, Melissa Ramlochan, Connie Spence-Dyer, Vanessa Ganni